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Did you know that those who own homes have a net worth of 36 times greater than those who rent? This is the reason Laura is passionate about empowering her clients to achieve the American dream of homeownership.  She understands the importance of educating and guiding them through (what is for many) the largest purchase they will ever make. Additionally, she is proficient in the requirements of coop and condo buildings and the complex array of moving parts to each transaction. For more information, call her or submit your email to receive a comprehensive homebuyers guide.

``I met Laura at an open house she had organized. I was contemplating purchasing an apartment in NY at the time but was intimidated by the process of dealing with a co-op. Laura was able to explain the process in a comprehensive manner than it gave me the confidence that a future purchase would be successful. She also has a great team behind her that moved quickly in preparing me for the apartment proposals. She provided insightful information of the real estate market and was with me every step of the way to my new awesomely located 1 bedroom apartment. Thanks Laura!``
Lucy A., happy buyer

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